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A brand new Social Network For Trading Tournaments: Betomania Trading Tournament

Have you heard about the latest craze on online trading?

Well, if you haven’t let us give you a innovative update! What you’re planning to find out is truly a game-changer for anyone who is tired of plain old binary options trading. Why waste your time and efforts trying to win big through traditional online trading when you're able to have a seat within the winner’s table and enjoy an exhilarating experience? Luckily for you, here is all possible thanks to Betomania!
Betomania is a revolutionary trading tool that is unlike none other! Why? Because this may be the world’s first ever real-time social trading tournament that takes social betting to a whole new level! What level, might you ask? Global! You are able to play against hundreds of other real-life traders from across the world and win big!
If you’re interested in finding out more about

Betomania Trading Tournament

, check out it is very main features and merits!
It’s 100% safe and secure: Betomania Trading Tournament takes security and safety very seriously, which is why the complete website and platform are fully protected from hacker attacks. This means you can rest assured that your data and income are safe!

It is entirely licensed and licensed:

You might wonder if this is a scam or not, as all that it promises is really amazing. Well, the brief and simple answer is: This is simply not a scam. In fact , Betomania is familiar with the laws by the Malta Gaming Specialist (MGA) and by the SSL Gambling Commission.

You can win big: All it takes can be described as one to three minute video game and you can win up to 1000% return! Furthermore, this forex trading tool was designed in a system that facilitates winning. Therefore with a little focus and a few strategy, you can win big in a short amount of time!

It’s completely free:

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is certainly free, but not for very long. In order to secure a place at the table, go to the official web-site and join. Free trial accounts are limited!

All things considered, Betomania Trading Tournament is truly a game-changer for the binary forex trading industry.
So what are you waiting for? Start taking part in and win big!

Serious Players. True Jackpots.
Be a part of the planet's rst
at any time real-time

social trading tech tournaments

and display thousands of world-wide players who's in demand

How you can Engage in Betomania
Look at the movie and then adhere to these five uncomplicated steps to
learn how to Enjoy Betomania in minutes!

Want to provide it a cost-free attempt?
Now you understand how to Perform, () download our App. Now we have cost-free
tournaments so that you can Engage in every single day! Afterwards, pay a visit to our website
and read best binary signals tips to sharpen your playing skills.

Step one - Decide on & enter a match
Select your sport form In line with size, variety of rounds, jackpot quantity or asset form (like Fb, Google, or gold,
such as).

Step 2 - Place your bets!
Approaches the number of chips you ought to put Initially of each spherical. Opt for it!

Stage 3 - Up or down?
There is a couple of moments to make a decision around the way on the asset. Will it go up or down? Choose correctly!

Stage four - Let the online games start!
When you have produced your prediction, the sport round starts off. The graph will demonstrate LIVE movement of your asset, because the
sector moves.

Stage five - Look at your winnings!
Right after Just about every spherical, you can see how you did. In the event you won, you'll have the chips with which you wager "doubled up." Score!
The player with by far the most chips at the end of The entire video game is the winner!

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